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Great Republic

Patriotic "E Pluribus Unum" Silk and Metallic Embroidered Souvenir of Eagle with 4 Flags, circa 1901

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Presented is a patriotic silk floss and metallic thread embroidered souvenir, circa 1909. The banner has a blue silk field, with "E Pluribus Unum" embroidered in red thread on a gold bannerette above an American eagle with a U.S. Shield and a panoply of American flags. This embroidered banner was most likely made in Japan, to celebrate the visiting U.S. Navy men of the Great White Fleet.

The Great White Fleet was a popular nickname for the group of United States Navy battleships that completed a journey around the globe, from December 16, 1907 to February 22, 1909, by order of United States President Theodore Roosevelt. The fleet’s mission was to make friendly diplomatic visits to numerous countries, while displaying new U.S. naval power to the world. The fleet consisted of 16 battleships, divided into two squadrons, all with white painted hulls.

The fleet sailed from Hampton Roads on December 16, 1907 for Trinidad, British West Indies, then to Rio de Janeiro, Punta Arenas, Callao, Magdalena Bay, and up the West Coast, arriving at San Francisco on May 6, 1908. Leaving that port on July 7, 1908 the U.S. Fleet visited Honolulu, Auckland, Sydney, and Albany, Manila, Yokohama, and Colombo. It then arrived at Suez, Egypt, on January 3, 1909. While the fleet was in Egypt, word was received of an earthquake in Sicily, thus affording an opportunity for the United States to show its friendship to Italy by offering aid. Four ships, the Connecticut, Illinois, Culgoa, and Yankton were dispatched to Messina, Italy, at once. Leaving Messina on January 9, 1909, the fleet stopped at Naples, Italy, then continued to Gibraltar, arriving at Hampton Roads on February 22, 1909. President Roosevelt reviewed the fleet as it passed into the roadstead.

In good condition. Light blue silk field, expertly embroidered with silk floss and metallic thread, in red, white, navy, black, blue, grey, gold and silver. Embroidery is in very good condition, all intact with no pulls, snags, or losses. Colors only slightly faded, yet metallic threads remain very bright. Banner is framed in a custom archival wooden frame, with UV glass.

Framed dimensions: 24 5/8" H x 28 3/4" W 3 1/4" D.